March of the Penguins





On a trip to the Brookline Booksmith this past week I found this great book. It’s a collection of statements by art directors, designers, illustrators, and authors about creating various Penguin book covers. Anyone who’s worked on something like a book cover or album cover knows how bizarre and surreal the negotiation and directing process can get. There are a lot of funny stories about the very deep chasm between sales and creative and how it’s (sometimes) successfully bridged. A few of my illustration heroes are even featured. Among the superstars are Tomer Hanuka, Chris Ware, former Parsons professor Tara McPherson and current professor Viktor Koen.

I’ve been working feverishly on a big painting. I’ve used my color blindness as a crutch for too long so I decided the way to strengthen my color sense is to do more traditional work like this.

Lastly I added some type to this image in my sketchbook late last night and I’m pretty pleased with my twilight doodling

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